ReliabilityTrust, and Knowledge has made HALFEN Wood Specialties LLC a leading principal in the wood industry.

With his 30 plus years of experience coupled with his vast and unique expertise, Kurt Halfen, owner of HALFEN Wood Specialties LLC, is in a position to act as either your consultant or agent. In either of these capacities, your experience and satisfaction are central to Kurt’s business model.

HALFEN Wood Specialties LLC can provide you with exactly the rare and exquisite logs and burls you need, whether in single pieces or as whole parcels.

HALFEN Wood Specialties LLC will assist you with all of your custom wood needs and requirements, regardless of whether you are next-door or across continents.  With his experience in pricing, transportation and export requirements, Kurt will enable you to quickly meet all of your wood needs.

Not only does HALFEN Wood Specialties LLC provide quality logs and burls, it also provides custom engineered flooring from an array of exotic and naturally beautiful woods.